Berge Ayvazian

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Berge Ayvazian
Executive Vice President and Chief Research Officer at Yankee Group

As chief research officer, Berge Ayvazian is responsible for accelerating Yankee Group research and thought leadership to deliver greater value to our clients. Working with the company's diverse research groups, Ayvazian ensures the firm provides its clients personalized research that wraps around their specific needs. As a result, Yankee Group knowledge, tools and support empowers our clients to make winning business decisions.

As a foremost senior industry analyst and consultant, Ayvazian is a primary influencer of Yankee Group research and thought leadership, reinforcing the content, expertise and depth of experience of multiple research groups to generate holistic views that are action-oriented. Additionally, he is a principal public spokesperson for the company.

From a corporate perspective, Ayvazian pushes the limits of Yankee Group thinking about where technologies, markets and industries are heading as we transform into a decision solutions company, delivering strategic and accurate council through flexible products, services and solutions that best meet our clients’ evolving needs.

With Yankee Group for nearly 20 years, Ayvazian is actively engaged in client and prospect activities, including organic growth and new business development and also the delivery and execution of large consulting projects.

Prior to this appointment, Ayvazian was chief executive officer from 1999 through 2001 at Yankee Group. Additionally, he served as strategy director for the Reuters Research and Advisory unit and was a consultant and researcher with Kalba Bowen Associates.

Having directed more than 100 consulting projects, Ayvazian draws on a wealth of relationships and takes a multidisciplinary approach to solving business issues. His expertise includes forecasting product and service markets, assessing strategies and analyzing investment opportunities in the telecommunications, wireless, computer, internet, cable and broadcast TV industries.

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