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Berdavan Castle

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X - XVII AD - Tavush Marz

Berdavan Castle

There is not much more to this castle than you can see in the picture, but it is an attractive structure, originally thought to be built in the 10-11th cc, and rebuilt in the 17th. Just a couple hundred meters from the tense border with Azerbaijan, it is not recommended you wander far from the site.

From Koghb, a road leads NE to Berdavan (2494 v, once Kalacha). Turning right, an asphalt road winds down through the village. Where two dirt roads fork, take the left hand, cross the stream, and then bear left again at the next fork, leading (jeeps only) to a picturesque 10-11th c. Ghalinjakar castle* on a hill near the Azerbaijan border. There are large khachkars in the village. Paragraph Source: Rediscovering Armenia Guidebook

Tevavor (with arms) khachkar near the castle.