Bastikh/sijokh (Dried apple/grape mash)

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1 qt. apple sauce 1 cup water 1 cup flour ½ cup corn syrup


1. Add water to applesauce and boil in saucepan. 2. Add syrup and stir. 3. Add flour mixed with water to the mixture and stir until smooth 4. Spread paste thinly on muslin sheet or fine woven towel and let dry flat for 2 days. 5. Hang to dry for three days. 6. Moisten back of sheet or towel with water, and peel off. 7. Apply flour to moist surface of bastikh to dry. 8. Dust other side with powdered sugar. 9. Cut into 4” squares, wrap in plastic bag, and store in refrigerator.

When served, can be eaten as is, or wrapped around a walnut kernel.

Optional alternate:

Substitute grape juice for apple sauce, and increase flour to 2 cups.