Barbus goktschaicus

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Barbus is a genus of fish in the Cyprinidae family. Barbus is also known as Puntius in some other taxonomic schemes. It is most commonly referred to as the Barb. The name comes from the fact that most of the members of the Barbus genus have a pair of barbels on their mouths which they sometimes use to search for food at the bottom of the water.

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Animal in Armenia

Սևանի բեղլու(“Sevani beghlu”)


Disappearing species.

Habitat in Armenia

Before the water decrease in Sevan was registered in 12 meters depth in Lake Sevan. Was not met in specific places, as migrations were common for this fish.

Number in the wild

Very rare.

Reasons for decrease in number

Decrease of water level in Sevan.

Number in captivity

Not kept

Measures of protection taken

No special measures taken.

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