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Baghaberd Fortress

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XII AD - Syunik Marz


As you can see in the pictures, this is an impressive fortress, located in a place of great beauty. It is visible from the main highway, so biking or jumping off the bus to Meghri are options.

Beyond the turnoff, a road goes N to the hamlet of Verin Giratagh (0 v.). On a hill above the confluence of the Voghji and Geghi rivers (N of the road) stands the castle of Baghaberd*, with double walls and strong towers. It became the capital of the Syunik kingdom in the 12th c, but was finally sacked in 1170 by the Seljuk Turks. A road goes up the Geghi river to Kavshut, Pirlu (0 v.) and Geghi (159 v.), the latter with scant remains of Geghi fortress and a 10th c. church. Kahurt (formerly Kyurut, 0 v.) has castle remains S. There are several other small hamlets up the river valleys, such as Bakavank, formerly Payahan (84 v.) and Ajibaj and Kard with 17th c. churches. Under the altar of the Kard church is supposed to flow a spring of mineral water. A dirt road leading S follows a stream to Avsarlu, which has on the opposite bank a 14th c. settlement and church. [This paragraph is from the Rediscovering Armenia Guidebook.]


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