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Avetaranots Town

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Avetaranots-Chanakhchi was the capital of old Varanda. Nature didn’t hold back a thing for its beauty. This village is surrounded with forests, parks and legends dating back through 1,500 years of history. The monuments here show the history. In medieval times during Varanda’s principality, Avetaranots was the main city and had strong protective walls, some parts of which still remain.

Sargis Jalalyan of today's Avetaranots village heard a story according to which king Vache II hermited here, "The Bible in his hands he alone hermited and this place then was called Avetaranots, and perhaps here King Barapasht accepted the blessing paper of Great Armenian Catholicos Gyut."

There are two letters of Gyut Catholicos addressed to Vache II, which are preserved in M. Kaghankatvantsi’s history and in other written records.

Historical quotations show the name of Avetaranots village is connected with Vache II’s preachment(?). He also founded Parvan (Barday) city. His brother Vachagan built the most noteworthy temples and churches (more than 350).

Traditionally King Hamam Barapasht was also buried here.