Artik Church

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VII AD - Shirak Marz

S. George Church

This is a cruciform planned church with a central cupola of the same type as Mastara. Except for the semi-circular north apse, all the other apses are externally polygonal and enhanced by ornamental blind arcades. The influence of Zvartnots is evident in the details of the architecture. [Paragraph Source: Monuments of Armenia]

Coming into Artik (14240 v.) on the road from Maralik/Pemzashen, turn left at the entrance of town, then right on the flyover across the railroad tracks. At the town square (WWII monument), continue straight up Tonakanian St. to where the two adjacent early churches appear on the left: Marine or Astvatsatsin Church, 5th c.; S. Gevorg church, 7th c.. Both are ruined, with restoration interrupted by the collapse of the USSR. [Paragraph Source: Rediscover Armenia Guide]