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Col. Nevton to Bear Their Offer to Russia

MAY 25, 1915

Colonel Mesrop Nevton Khan, a member of the Persian - Armenian nobility, says last night he would sail in a few days to join the Russian Army against Turkey, bearing to the Czar the offer of more than a thousand Armenians an America to join the ranks of the Allies against the Sultan.

The Colonel, who is the head of the Armenian Colonial Association, spoke at the annual dinner of the New York branch of the Overseas Club at the Majestic Hotel on the anniversary of the birthday of Queen Victoria. The Overseas Club is composed of unnaturalized British subjects in all parts of the world.

The Bishop and Prince de Landas-Berghes and de Roche of Belgium said the Allies had no dream of crashing the German nation, but merely of breaking down Prussianism.

The club adopted a resolution expressing confidence in the administration of Lord Kitchener as head of the British War Office and deploring the recent attacks upon him.

Among the speakers were the Rev. Walter E. Bentiey, the Rev. John Williams, H. J. Riley, and Mrs. J. Elliott Longstaff, President of the Daughters of the Empire.

Report read showed that in six months the club had raised $5000,000 for the Prince of Wales Relief Fund, the Overseas Warship Fund and the Fund to sent tobacco to Soldiers.


Troops Arrive at Van And Drive Off Besieging Turks

TIFLIS, Transcaucasia, May 23, (via Petrograd, May 24.)--A detachment of Russian soldiers has occupied the town of Van, in Asiatic Turkey, thus bringing relief to the Armenians, who were being besieged there by the Turks. Upon the arrival of the Russians the Turks retreated in the direction of Bitlis.

Van, in Turkish Armenia, and Urumiah, in Persia, have been the scenes of persecution and attacks upon Armenians by Turks and Kurds for several months. The situation became so serious that the power of that Turkish officials would be held personally responsible for the outrages inflicted upon the Armenians.

A hard copy of this article or hundreds of others from the time of the Armenian Genocide can be found in The Armenian Genocide: News Accounts From The American Press: 1915-1922