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"Armenian Student Association" is the name of several independent Armenian student organizations based out of colleges and universities in the United States. Tens of campuses in the United States have a chartered organization on their campus either called the Armenian Student Association (ASA for short) or something very similar. "Armenian Student Organization" is a more generic term for such an organization.

Armenian Student Associations with active membership and decades of history include the UCLA ASA, CSUN ASA, and USC ASA. In 2002, Levon Baronian, who was president of the CSUN ASA, sumbitted a proposal to formalize existing informal cooperative bodies into a well-defined and universally accepted structure. Over a dozen Armenian student organizations agreed to create the Confederation of All Armenian Student Associations or All-ASA for short, which is governed by an agreed upon "Articles of Confederation". The main purpose of the All-ASA is to facilitate joint activities between its constituent organizations.

A college's Armenian Student Association should not be confused with another organization called the "Armenian Students' Association of America, Inc." based in the east coast of the United States, which is a social organization not directly related to college and university campus organizations.

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