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Armenian Food: Fact, Fiction & Folklore/2nd Edition

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(ISBN 1-4116-9865-9). File:ISBN1411698657.jpg

Food is the portal to Armenia’s past and present-day culture. This culinary journey across the land called Hayastan presents the rich history, wondrous legends, and fact-filled stories of Armenian cuisine. In their new book, authors Irina Petrosian and David Underwood take readers on a memorable tour of Armenia by way of the kitchen, answering questions such as:

  • What ancient Armenian fable warned against genetically-altered food?
  • What little-known Armenian fruit may have helped Noah on the ark?
  • What was the diet of David of Sassoun, the legendary Armenian Hercules?
  • What was the influence of the Soviet Union on the food ways of Armenia?
  • What strange and exotic fruits and herbs are sold in Armenia’s markets?
  • Why do Armenians go to cemeteries to “feed” the dead?
  • What role did coffee and bread play in Armenian marriage rituals?

For those curious about one of the world’s most ancient cultures, or who are contemplating a trip to Armenia, the book provides extensive details and little-known information about both ancient and modern Armenia.

ARMENIAN FOOD: FACT, FICTION & FOLKLORE, ISBN 1-4116-9865-9, 252 pages, 6” x 9”, by Yerkir Publishing. This nonfiction book contains rare photos and illustrations, notes and sources, and index.

About the authors: Irina Petrosian, a native of Armenia, is a professional journalist who has written for Russian, Armenian, and US-based newspapers. David Underwood has been a newspaper staff member at The Indianapolis Business Journal, The Columbus Republic, and other American publications. The authors reside in Bloomington, Indiana.

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