Armenian Evangelical Shamlian Tatikian School

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Armenian Evangelical Shamlian Tatikian School

This school is located in Bourj-Hammoud, a suburb to the north east of Beirut, Lebanon. It began in 1934 with kindergarten and primary classes only. Now it has 306 pupils and kindergarten, primary and secondary classes.

A Brief History: New Marash, the first Armenian street in Beirut, Lebanon, was built in the Bourj-Hammoud area, in 1929. Armenians were the only inhabitants of the street. They arrived from Kilikia, Anadol and other regions, after the genocide in 1915. Little by little the streets of Bourj-Hammoud were enlarged; people settled in the area and were eager to establish cultural, educational institutions and churches beside their humble residences. The Armenian Evangelical School among others in Beirut was one of the first schools to open. It had a kindergarten and two elementary classes. (The first branch was in Ashrafieh, under the initiative of the New Marash Armenian Evangelical Church). The Armenian Evangelical Shamlian-Tatikian Secondary School has gradually developed through the years from this Armenian Evangelical school started in 1930. In 1936 Reverend G. Hassessian increased the number of elementary classes to six. Subsequent to this, Reverend A. Hadidian added several more classes. First in 1950 the four intermediate grades of the second cycle. Then, in 1958 the three secondary grades of the third cycle were certified. In 1964 Mr.& Mrs. J. Shamlian and their son Mr. G. Tatikian contributed to the school a new modern building and called it the Armenian Evangelical Shamlian-Tatikian Secondary School. Today, our school embodies the Christian, educational and civic objectives of life. It views the education of the individual learner as a means to develop Christian Armenian citizens capable of serving their country and self-confident adults ready to face the challenges of the twenty-first century.

NEW NEWS: In the beginning of the school year 2005-2006 the school opened a new section for its graduate class (grade 12). Besides the existing Life Science section it now has a Sociology-Economics Section. Both sections ended the school year with very good results in the official exams (Life Science 100% sucess and Soc./Eco. 85% sucess). We congratulate all our students, parents and teachers.

The present principal is Rev. Hrayr Cholakian.

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P.O.Box 80907 Beirut, Lebanon

Tel. 00961-1-261749


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