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Armenian Cooperation Centre of Georgia

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Armenian Cooperation Centre of Georgia (ACCG) Founded in 2004 President: Karen Elchian e-mail: Official website of Armenian Cooperation Centre of Georgia: As well as homepage of the Armenian Community in Georgia.

 About us:

- Armenian Cooperation Centre of Georgia is a nongovernmental social union of people. Founded on the basis of community of interests for the preservation of national originality, development of language, culture and education of Armenians living in Georgia.

- The organization is building up on the principle of self rule, volunteer, equality, legality, respect of culture, traditions and customs of other ethnic generalities.

Aims and tasks:

- Preservation and consolidation of Armenians community of Georgia

- Fortification of peace, friendship and consent between nations, prevention of social, national and religious conflicts

- Defense of economic ,social, legal, cultural and educational interests of Armenians living in Georgia

- Preservation and augmenting of spiritual intellectual potential of Georgian Armenians

- Solution of problems of national-cultural development of Georgian Armenians

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