Armenian Church Requiem Service

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DEACON: Yev yevus khaghaghootyan uzDer aghachestzook. Ungal getzo yev voghormia. DEACON: Again in peace let us beseech the Lord. Receive, save and have mercy.
PRIEST: Orhnootyun yev park Hor yev Vortvo yev Hokvooyn Surpoh, aijhm yev mishd yev havidyans havidenitz. Amen. PRIEST: Blessing and Glory to the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit, now and forever and unto the ages of ages. Amen.
CHOIR: KUHTA DER ee Hokis mer nunchetzelotz yev hishya voghormutyamp, kanzi kinuk soorp aryan ko yen, ee horjham hurashali tsayniv poghooyn harnen meryalkun yev gan arachi ahavor ko pemin, (or) VOR HANEYITZ sdeghdzogh koyitz ararchagitz Hor pant Asdvadz, toghootyun shnorya nunchetzelotz kotz dzarrayitz horjham kas tadel zor anarad tserrok sdeghdzer. CHOIR: O Lord, have compassion upon the souls of our departed ones whom You have bought with Thy Holy Blood; and mercifully remember them when at the marvellous sound of the trumpet the dead shall rise and stand before Thy wondrous tribunal. (or) O Word of God, who art co-creator with the Father and maker of all beings out of nothing, grant forgiveness to Thy departed servants when Thou shalt come to judge all those who Thou didst create with immaculate hands.
DEACON: Alleluya, Alelluya,

Der looor aghotitz imotz aghaghag im arr kez yegestzeh, yev mi tartsootsaner zeresus ko hinen. Allelula orti.

DEACON: Alleluia, Alleluia. Hear my prayer (sorrow) O Lord, and let me come unto Thee, and hide not Thy face from me. Alleluia. Arise.
PRIEST: Khaghaghutyun amenetzoon. PRIEST: Peace be to all.
CHOIR: Yev unt hokvooyt koom. CHOIR: And with thy spirit.
DEACON: Yergyughadzootyamp luvarook. DEACON: Hearken ye in reverence.
PRIEST: Surpo Avedaranis Hisoosi Krisdosi vor usd Mateosi (or Margosi, Ghoogasou, or Hovhannoo....) PRIEST: To the Holy Gospel of Jesus Christ according to St. Matthew (Mark, Luke, or John,...).
CHOIR: Park kez Der Asdvadz mer. CHOIR: Glory be to Thee O Lord, our God.
DEACON: Broskhoomeh. DEACON: Let us attend.
CHOIR: Ahseh Asdvads. CHOIR: God speaks.
CHOIR: KAHANAYK yev jhoghovoort haitzemk ee ken Der parekoot, unt nunchetzyalsun havadov ungal uzmez novin hoosov, hEroosaghem kaghak verin, horoom artarkun jhoghovin, parrus vererkel mishd unt nosin, yerortootyant yeryag antsin.

EE VERIN YEROOSAGHEM ee pnagaranus hreshdagatz, oor Yenovk yev Yeghyas gan dzeratzyal aghavnagerb ee trakhdin, Yetemagan baidzaratzyal arjhanabes, voghormadz Der voghormia hokvotzun mer nunchetzelots.

CHOIR: We the Priests and people entreat Thee O Lord, good and merciful, with them that are asleep in faith, receive us in the same hope into the heavenly Jerusalem, in which the just are assembled, to sing and to glorify always the three persons of the Trinity.

In the Heavenly Jerusalem, in the abode of angels, where Enoch and Elijah live dove-like in old age, being worthily resplendent in the Garden of Eden; O merciful Lord, have mercy upon the souls of our departed brethren.

PRIEST: Hokvotzun hankootzelotz Krisdos Asdvadz ara hankisd yev voghormootyoon, yev mez meghavoratzus shunorhia uztoghootyun hantzanatz. PRIEST: To the souls of the departed, O Christ God, grant rest and mercy, and to us sinners vouchsafe forgiveness of sins.
DEACON: Yev yevus khaghaghootyan uzDer aghachestzook, vasun hankootzyal hokvotzun aghachestzook, uzPurgichun mer Krisdos, zi uznosa unt artarsun tasestzeh, yev uzmez getzootzeh shunorhiv voghormootyan yooroh. Amenagal Der Asdvadz mer, getzo yev voghormia. DEACON: And again in peace, for the souls of the departed let us beseech Christ our Saviour, that He may number them with the righteous, and that He may preserve us through the grace of His mercy. Almighty Lord, our God, preserve and have mercy.
PRIEST: Der voghormia (3 times). Krisdos Vorti Asdoodzoh anokhagal yev parekoot, juta ko ararchagan sirovut ee hokis hankootzyal dzarayitz kotz, manavant ________. PRIEST: Lord have mercy (3 times). O Christ and Son of God, forgiveing and compassionate, have pity as a loving creator, upon the souls of Thy departed servant, especially __________.
voroh vasun uzbashdonus yev uzbaghadanus madootzak hishya havoor medzi kalusdian. Arkayootyan ko, ara arjhani kavootyan yev toghutyan meghatz. Tasavoryal baydzaratzoh unt soorpus ko hachagoghman tasoon. Zi too yes Der yev ararich amenetzoon, tadavor gentanyatz yev merelotz. Yev kez vayeleh park ishkhanootyoon yev badiv, aijhm yev mishd yev havidyanus. Amen.

Orhnyal Der mer Hisoos Krisdos. Amen.

HAYR MER vor hergins yes, soorp yeghitzi arkayootyun ko. Yegestzeh arkayootyun ko. Yeghitzin gamk ko vorbes hergins yev hergri. Zhatz mer hanabazort door mez aysor. Yev togh mez uzbardis mer, vorbes yev mek toghoomk merotz bardabanatz. Yev mi danir zmez ee portzootyun, ayl purgya ee chareh. Zi ko eh arkayootyun yev zorootyun yev park havidyans. Amen.

Remember them on the great day of Thy coming in Thy Kingdom, make them worthy of Thy mercy, expiation, and forgiveness of sins; number them and glorify them among Thy saints who will be assembled at Thy right hand. For Thou art Lord and creator of all beings, and Judge of the living and the dead, And to Thee are due Glory, power and honour, now and ever, and unto unending times. Amen.

Blessed be our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

OUR Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be Thy name. Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven. Give us this day our daily bread, and forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors. And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil. For Thine is the kingdom, and the power and the glory, unto the ages. Amen.

(followed by final blessing of Badarak) (followed by final blessing of Badarak)

I would like to express great gratitude to Michael Ibrahim of Australia who helped digitize this by typing in much of the English text.

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