Armenia Fund Telethon 2007

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Armenia Fund Breaks Another Record

Unprecedented $15.3 Million Pledged

For Immediate Release ~ November 23, 2007

Contact: Sarkis Kotanjian ~ 818-243-6222

Los Angeles, CA – “Right now, at this very moment, we have an extraordinary window of opportunity to help shape the future of Armenia. Our future. The time to act is now. It is time to come together from Fresno to Los Angeles, New York to Paris, Yerevan, Tavush and Martuni to help develop our border villages. We must close the gap of prosperity between our cities and villages. I am so proud to think of what we can do for our homeland and so very frightened of what awaits if we fail to act at this historic moment. I ask of you, if not now…. when?” – Maria Mehranian, the Chairperson of Armenia Fund U.S. Western Region opened the 10th Annual International Armenia Fund Telethon appealing to the worldwide Armenian community.

Airing live from the PBS - KCET Hollywood studios, the 12 hour live telethon reached millions of households across the globe through television, satellite, cable, and internet networks generating an unprecedented $15.3 million. Proceeds from the telethon will benefit the first phase of Armenia Fund’s Village Development Program – a comprehensive project aimed at revitalizing Armenia’s rural, impoverished regions. Aside from constructing new schools, healthcare facilities, drinking water systems, the program entails agricultural development – a vital component designed for long term, economic sustainability.

“With the Village Development Project we hope to end rural poverty in Armenia and Artsakh. This is a task that we can accomplish only if we unite our resources and potential. We want Armenians to regain pride in their schools, hospitals, sport and cultural facilities that they were formerly so proud of – but which have fallen into a sad state of disrepair. We want people to be better off than before: materially and morally, we want a quality and secure life for our citizens,” said Vahe Aghabegians, Executive Director of Armenia Fund International (Yerevan).

President of Nagorno Karabakh Republic, Bako Sahakyan, Foreign Minister of Armenia, Vartan Oskanian and the Primate of the Artsakh Diocese of the Armenian Apostolic Chuch, Archbishop Pargev Martirosyan made special appearances explaining the urgency of bridging the development gap between the booming capital, Yerevan and the rural villages of Armenia and Nagorno Karabakh.

Special video documentaries detailing the accomplishments of Armenia Fund as well as explaining the new Village Development Program, the target beneficiary project for 2008 were shown throughout the program. “I am extremely proud of the collaborative efforts of the entire 2007 Telethon production team. Partnered with Armenia Fund, we produced the most successful Telethon to date”, said Telethon 2007 Executive Producer Michael Levin. This year, segments featured human stories that detailed the direct impact of the Fund’s programs on people’s lives. “When I traveled to Armenia I saw a beautiful nation and proud people resolved to be free, independent and masters of their own destiny. I am honored to have been given the opportunity to assist the Republic of Armenia in nation building,” added Levin. The telethon featured a dynamic lineup of hosts: Celebrity attorney and Armenia Fund Trustee Mark Geragos, Terry Phillips, Salpi Ghazarian, Paul Chaderjian, Alina Dorian, Tatevik Ekizian, Hrant Tokhatyan, and Artak Herikyan.

The highlight of the Telethon was its musical performances that consisted of more than 40 dance and song pieces from Armenia and the Diaspora. A mix of modern and traditional music was displayed throughout the entirety of the program. The musical program was the result of months–long work by Stepan Partamian, the Music Producer of theTelethon. Armenia Fund’s telethon featured special guest singers from Armenia courtesy of the Eyeflash Entertainment Company, the organizers of the Armenian Music Awards 2007. “In past years there was a lot of serious talk and little entertainment. This year we came out blasting with entertainment. It’s a celebration of building a nation,” said Partamian. Sirusho, who will represent Armenia in Eurovision 2008, performed during the show as well as Andre, sisters Anush and Inga Arshakyans and Arsen Safarian. Winner of BBC’s The Next Big Thing Silva Hakobyan also performed her award winning song. Among others, the Diaspora singers were represented by Gagik Badalyan, Harout Hakobyan, Addis Harmandian, Araks Karapetyan, Gor Mkhitaryan, Armen Movsessian, Harout Pamboukjian, Hovhannes Shahbazyan, Sako and Sonya Varoujian.

“I would like to personally commend the work of Armenia Fund staff, our entire production team as well as the KCET studio personnel. For the past several months, they have diligently worked with professionals across all production sectors, in ensuring that the telethon rises to a new level”, said Sarkis Kotanjian, Public Relations Director of Armenia Fund (Los Angeles). The affiliate is primarily responsible for the production and management of the 12 hour live fundraiser. “It’s a brand new day for the Armenia Fund Telethon – it has generated serious attention within production circles in Hollywood and I am proud of its programming value not only to our community, but also to the general American television audience,” added Kotanjian.

Below is the list of major donors for Telethon 2007:

Armenia Fund U.S. Western Region – $3.6 million, of which:

Mr. and Mrs. Vahe and Veronique Karapetian – $1 million

Bequest of the late Varazdat Samuelian (made possible by Rafi Ourfalian, Esq.) – $620,000

Feed the Children – $280,000 (in-kind donation)

NY Life Insurance Settlement Fund – $100,000

Mr. Artem and Mrs. Irene Ovanessian – $75,000

AGBU Manoogian–Demirdjian School – $53,000

Armenian American Chamber of Commerce – $50,000

Western Diocese of the Armenian Apostolic Church – $50,000

Mr. Hakob and Mrs. Hilda Baghdassarian – $30,000

Armenian Relief Society – $25,000

Mr. Bedros and Mrs. Anna Oruncakciel – $25,000

St. Vincent Jewelry Center – $25,000

Allied West Paper Corp (Mr. Eric Ovanessian) – $20,000

Family Care ADHC (Mr. Levon and Mrs. Ashkhen Arsenyan) – $20,000

Mr. Adam Kablanian – $20,000

Mr. Hank Torian – $20,000

Armenia Fund U.S. East Coast – $2.5 million, of which:

Project Cure – $713,000 (in-kind donation)

Mrs. Louise Simone Manoogian – $500,000

Mr. Hirair Hovnanian – $500,000

Mr. George Pagoumian – $260,000

NY Life Insurance Settlement Fund – $100,000

Levon Ayrapetyan (Moscow) – $2.5 million

Fonds Armenien de France – $1.7 million, of which:

AXA Insurance Settlement Fund – $200,000

Armenia – $1.4 million, of which:

Mr. Mikael Baghdasarov – $200,000

Viva Cell – AMD 45 million ($143,000)

Armenian Railways – AMD15 million ($48,000)

Ardshininvestbank bank – AMD 15 million ($48,000)

Central Bank of Armenia – AMD 10.5 million ($33,000)

Armenian Ministry of Defense – AMD 10 million ($32,000)

Armenian Molybdenum Production CJSC – $20,000

Nagorno - Karabakh – $1 million, of which:

Karabakh Telecom – AMD 32 million ($102,000)

Argentina – $625,000, of which:

Fundo Nacional Armenia (Argentina) – $250,000

Mr. Armen Ekserdjian – $200,000

Mr. Eduardo Eurnekian – $125,000

Mr. Jorge Tchinossian – $50,000

Canada – $550,000, of which:

Hayastan Foundation Canada (Toronto) – $200,000

Kololian Family – $100,000

Mr. Kourken Sarkissian – $100,000

Mr. Joe Yalkezian – $100,000

Fondation Hayastan Canada (Montreal) – $50,000

Armenien-Fonds Germany and Association of German–Armenian businessmen – $400,000

Lebanon – $300,000, of which:

Hayastan All-Armenian Fund Lebanon – $100,000

Mr. Hrair Sarkissian – $100,000

Mr. Souren Sarkissian – $100,000

Hayastan All-Armenian Fund Great Britain Committee – $200,000

Armenian Community of Switzerland – $150,000

Mrs. Aida Hovhanessian – $150,000

Armenian General Benevolent Union – $150,000

Fund Hayastan-Australia – $60,000

Comite Suisse Du Fonds Armenie – $21,500

Armenie Fonds Nederland – $21,000