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Aramayis Sahakyan

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Aramayis_Sahakyan&chld=H_100&junk=junk.png Aramayis Sahakyan Mars symbol.svg
Birthplace Artsvashen
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Birth date 24 May 1936
Lived in Artsvashen, Yerevan
Resides in Yerevan

Արամայիս Սահակյան

Armenian Writer

Born May 24th 1936, Artsvashen village, Krasnoselsk region (Now Gegharkunik region of the Republic of Armenia)

Graduate of the Yerevan Abovyan Pedagogical Institute Faculty of Philology and Moscow Seminar of Higher Literature. He has worked in the press and the State Committee for Radio and Television Broadcasts. For 25 years he has been the chief editor for the “Vozni” magazine. For 10 years he has directed the television series “House of Laughter”. He is the author of over 40 books. His poetry has been printed in the Armenian and foreign press. He is written lyrics for a number of songs. His works have been translated into over 30 languages. He is also involved in translation work.


  1. Dear Teacher, Yerevan, 1987
  2. Armenia, I Am Your Child, Yerevan, 1986
  3. Kind Smiles, Yerevan, 1985
  4. I Love You, Yerevan, 1975
  5. Starlets, Yerevan, 1958

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