Aram Asatryan

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Արամ Ասատրյան Very popular Armenian singer. widely known.

March 03,1953 - November 08,2006

Aram Asatryan has shared his life and talent with the world. On March 3, 1953, Aram Asatryan was born in Echmiazin, Armenia, the son of Ashken Mampreyan and Hapet Asatryan. He was born to a refugee family and the strength of his soul determined the importance of his country. Ever since his childhood years he has been a talented person and has given his heart and soul to music. In the year of 1985, his band united: Levon Abryamyan, Khatchik Sahakyan, Souren Gasparyan, and Simon Sisoyan. Aram had battles to conquer and challenges to overcome. From his strong but sweet voice to his astonishing music, he became known throughout the world. Aram loved to work and he devoted his life to music. He approached positive things and was confident about himself. His love for his country and the Armenians as well as other races are expressed in his songs. When his homeland was jeopardized, with his songs he brought hope to the people, the soldiers, and to the heroes. Aram performed many concerts in Asia, Europe, Russia, the Arabian Seas and many cities in Armenia. He achieved 108 concerts, and has never left a place without putting a smile on someone’s face. Until this day he has written over 500 songs, and continues touring the world and the United States. Throughout his life he has received many awards and diplomas such as the “Gusan” he was awarded on April 18, 2003 from the Cultural Music Ministry in Armenia. His words of life are a song, and the key of a song is life. His strength is in the words of his songs, and the origins of his songs are the beginning of life. In the present time he resides in the United States and continues his music life. He believes his music will pass on from generation to generation. The importance of his songs are going to stay for many centuries, and he will be loved forever. Talented Hay Gusan Aram Asatryan has passed away on November 7 at Oshakan Village, Aragatsotn Region from a heart attack. He was at a party being the god-father of an Armenian family. The fatal attack happened at about 19:00; he was as usual in a very good mood, very warm, and very beautiful. He was surrounded with his close relatives. Aram has done many great things for our country, for our people, for our music and for our culture. He has brought many smiles to millions of our Armenian faces, and many many joys to our Armenian ears. It is a great loss for the whole Armenian Nation, the Armenian music art and the Diaspora. The entire Armenian nation mourns the loss of Aram Asatryan. His memory will always be bright in our hearts. His lively sounds of his voice will always sound in our ears.


Ankax Hayastan (1992)

Puch Ashkhar (1993)

Nayir Ashxarhin (1994)

Azad Hayastan (1995)

Hay es du (1996)

Golden Album (1997)

In Los Angeles (1998)

10 Tary Bemum (1999)

Yet darcek tariner (1999)

2000 (album) (2000)

Remix (2000)

Selftitled (2000)

The Very Best (2000)

Asem Te Chasem (2001)

Im Yerke (2001)

Skizb (2002)

Sweet Memories 1980-1990 (2002)

50 Golden Years (2003)

Du Ashxar Ekar (2003)

Anun'd (2005)

My Sons (2006)

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