Ara Dinkjian

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Ara Dinkjian is an American-born Armenian oud player and composer.

He was born in 1960 and grew up listening to traditional Armenian music alongside American pop and jazz. Dinkjian ‘s big break came in 1986 when RCA Records offered him a recording contract, prompting him to found Night Ark, which achieved great success in the music world and remains a symbol of original instrumental music combining Mediterranean melodies with jazz, pop, and classical music.

In 2005 Dinkjian performed at the Jerusalem International Oud Festival's closing show. Performing along with Dinkjian at the concert were Israeli musicians Zohar Parasko on percussion and Adi Renrat on piano.

The 2005 Jerusalem International Oud Festival, produced and managed by Confederation House in the Yemin Moshe neighborhood, was held between November 14th and 26th. The joint performance was based on Dinkjian's own compositions as well as traditional Armenian folksongs.

Israelis recognized Dinkjian's work from Yoav Izhak's song "Ze HaZman Lisloach"; Dinkjian composed the melody.

Dinkjian is considered one of the world's best oud players.


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