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He Protests Against the War of Extermination Now in Progress.

September 16, 1915

London -- A Times corespondent lately in Salonika, says that all the reports from Turkey are agreed as to the terrible character of the Turkish atrocities against Armenians. It is believed that it is the official intention that this shall be a campaign of extermination, involving the murdering of 800,000 to 1,000,000 persons. Christians can escape murder by embracing Mohamedism, in which case all the female members of the convert's family of marriageable age - wife, sister, or children - are distributed around to other Turks, making the reversion to Christianity in future practically impossible.

The American Minister at Constantinople is said to have protested recently against the massacre, in view of the danger to which they exposed the American missionaries. The only response to his protest was the hanging of twenty leading Armenians the next day in the streets of Constantinople.

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