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Andrea Louise Martin (born Papazian, on January 15, 1947 in Maine) is an American (now Canadian) actress and comedian living in Winnipeg Manitoba, Canada.


New York Times
Jan 26 2005

Today He Would Have His Own Show on Fox By JOYCE WADLER

Generally speaking, we do not question the site of a theatrical party to which we have been invited. As has been noted by many a Broadway press agent, our manners here at Boldface are superb.

Still, we must say that the FireBird restaurant, with its Czarist Russian theme and opulent red velvet walls, did seem a little peculiar for the "Fiddler on the Roof" party last Thursday, which celebrated HARVEY FIERSTEIN and ANDREA MARTIN, the new leads.

Andrea Martin, who plays GOLDE, to Mr. Fierstein's TEVYE, looked as if she had prepared for life in the shtetl with Pilates. She wore a DKNY pink sweater over a black accordion-pleated skirt and pink suede shoes with pink rhinestones.

A graduate of Toronto Second City, Ms. Martin said that she had not been familiar with the show.

"But I am Armenian," she said, "and I understand what it is to lose a country and lose a family and have massacres and genocides and everything against my people."

She was interviewed on Friday, April-08-11 by Jian Ghomeshi, host of Q, on CBC She was hilarious and recounted how her family name was changed. Her father owned a small grocery store in Maine called "Martins". She does speak Armenian and French, in addition to English.

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