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Anahit Galstyan

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Anahit Galstyan-repat.jpg
Birthplace Armenia
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Lived in Yerevan, London
Resides in Yerevan
Ethnicities Armenian

Integration Manager Integration Manager at Repat Armenia Foundation

Anahit was born in Armenia to an Indian Armenian father and local mother, but moved to London with her family and lived there for 18 years. Her interests have primarily been in development and human rights. She has worked with different people from different backgrounds throughout her professional career and has completed a number of internships in London, for non-profit non governmental organisations. She was very active within the Armenian community in London; she volunteered as classroom assistant upon graduation from an Armenian Sunday school and many years later worked as a youth worker for an Armenian youth club.

She attained a Masters Degree in Human Rights from University College London with a scholarship from LUYS foundation. She also won an excellence award from Santander Bank for dedication to a charitable organisation, for which she set up a fundraising project. Her Bachelors Degree is in Politics and International Relations from the University of Kent. During her studies she was elected President of Kent UNICEF student society; she was thanked for her contribution at the House of Commons in London. She has aspired to return back to Armenia to use and share her knowledge and expertise from a young age. She repatriated back to Armenia in November 2012.

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