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An Idea Whose Time May Never Come - 2013

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An Idea Whose Time May Never Come

By C.K. Garabed

November 2013

Published in The Armenian Weekly, Keghart, and elsewhere

There is a concept lurking out in space waiting for someone to latch on to it. It involves today’s dispersed Western Armenians (who have fading hopes for future ties to the Republic of Armenia), and the Kurds of Turkey.

What do they have in common?

For one thing, they both lay claim to the same territory in the Yergir, today called Eastern Anatolia. For another, they belong to the same language group, Indo-European. Also, they share (in retrospect, at least) a similar cultural background. Finally, they harbor the same aspirations for a future state.

Thus, in making common cause against the Turkish government, they can team up, and even contemplate the unthinkable, a country called Hai-Kurdistan.

If they can, by joining together, secede from Turkey, they can always settle their differences later.

A shocking idea?

Of course!