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An Autocratic Triumvirate

Tuesday, September 14, 1915

According to this information, Turkish affairs are under the control of a triumvirate with autocratic powers, consisting of Enver Pasha, Minister of War, Talaat Bey, Minister of the Interior, and Bedrl Bey, Chief of Police of Constantinople. Dissatisfaction among the Moslems is reported and it is said that the Sheik ul Islam was displeased because he did not approve of measures taken against the Armenians. The Committee of Union and Progress is reported to have been virtually superseded by a secret committee which is responsive to the wishes of the triumvirate.

The American's informant asserts that Armenians are being shipped to concentration camps at various points, being driven afoot or forwarded in box cars. He adds that the earlier massacres of Christians in Asia Minor are being duplicated in the present instance, and that in some cases only a comparatively small part of the expelled Armenians reach the concentration camps alive. Henry Morgenthau, American Ambassador at Constantinople, has exerted every effort to protect the Armenians but apparently his endeavors have been unavailing. It is stated that American women who attempted to go with the refugees to look out for Armenian children were turned back, and that a number of young Armenian girls who were students at the American college at Constantinople fell into the hands of the Turks.

Owing to the interruption of sea transportation, it is almost impossible to purchase coal in Constantinople and wood is being used for locomotives. The crops were good, but it has been almost impossible to harvest them. Petroleum costs $1 a gallon and the price of sugar has increased sevenfold.

The American's informant says that the agreement said to have been reached between Turkey and Bulgaria has not effected a definite settlement of relations, but that, on the contrary, the Turks are hastily erecting defenses against the Bulgarians.

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