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Alain Delon

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Alain Delon to be present in Armenian premiere of "Happy New Year, Moms"

World-renowned actor Alain Delon to be present in Armenian premiere of Happy New Year, Moms

09:56, 14 December, 2012

YEREVAN, DECEMBER 13, ARMENPRESS: Happy New Year, Moms lyric comedy's Armenian premiere produced jointly by Enjoy movies and AP cinema film companies is scheduled to take place on December 18. The film consists of five novels, each of which shot by Artem Aksenenko, Sarik Andreasyan, Anton Bormatov , Dmitry Grachev and Klim Poplavsky.

The film is produced by Georgy Malkov, Sarik Andreasyan, Ghevond Andreasyan, Valeri Saharyan and Vladimir Polyakov. As AR cinema company informed Armenpress, Happy New Year, Moms budget amounts 6 million US dollars including advertising and marketing costs: 2 million US dollars was spent on the production. Armenian premiere of the film is scheduled for December 18, at the Moscow Cinema."Happy New Year, Mom" film will premiere in Moscow on December 19 . The film is planned to be released on December 27 this year.

World renowned actor Alain Delon, actress Irina Rozanova, ethnic Armenian film director Sarik Andreasyan, producers Valeri Saharyan and Ghevond Andreasyan are set to be present in the film's Armenian premiere. Happy New Year, Moms almanac is a sequel of the first series of the film Moms released on March 8 this year. The filming was orchestrated in France and in Russia.

New heroes' new stories uniting all the love towards moms are depicted in Happy New Year, Moms almanac. Five novels are presented in the almanac namely humorous, emotional, lyrical and comic. Each novel dwells on the love between the two dearest people mom and the child.

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Renowned French Actor In Armenia For Film Presentation ARTS AND CULTURE | 18.12.12 | 13:48

French cinema icon Alain Delon has arrived in Armenia to attend a local presentation of a new Russian movie in which he is involved as a guest star.

Armenian professionals have been involved in the production and shooting of the lyrical comedy "Happy New Year, Moms!". The movie is being released on big screens during the current holiday season, with the premiere in Moscow slated for tomorrow, December 19.

The film's co-producer Valery Saharyan has invited Delon to visit

Armenia before the Moscow premier and attend the film presentation at Yerevan's Moscow Cinema on Tuesday night.

Before that, the 77-year-old French actor was due to meet with Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan and Catholicos of All Armenians Karekin II.

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