Agnes Avagyan

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Agnes Avagyan, Born in 1980, Armenia. Attended Art College, Painting department. Studies at Yerevan Academy of Fine Arts. Had 7 personal and numerous group exhibitions and contests in Armenia and abroad.

Registered in the Russian Book of Records "Diva” for her unique ability to paint with both hands simultaneously. Since 1997 is a scholar of the Peace Fund. Collaborated with magazines, newspapers, organizations such as UNDP, SEAC, Red Cross etc., illustrated books. Performs projects for print and online issues.

In 1996, won 1st prize for Best Emblem at the UNICEF Competition for Children's Communication Day.

In March 2002 "Al Bayan" Dubai State Publishing House organized a caricature competition. 12 professional Armenian cartoonists presented their works along with Agnes. As a result, she was chosen to take part in "The Second International Caricature Forum" in Dubai, UAE. She was the only Armenian – and the only woman, and the youngest -- among 15 participants from different countries.

In May 2002 the 5th personal exhibition took place in Armenia. June 2002 – 6th personal exhibition in Syria. 7th personal exhibition was in March 2003 in Lebanon. The president of Lebanon, Emile Lahoud, received Agnes in his Baabda palace, where he gave a presidential medal, highly evaluating her talent and wishing her further success.

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