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Afghanistan supplied Azerbaijan with many mujadeen fighters during the Armenian liberation of Nagorno Karabagh. Some of these were Al-Qaeda recruits, practicing (and losing) in their first combat situations. Some allege that they were at least partially funded by CIA supplied brown-bags full of cash.

Armenian presence

Until 1878, an Armenian church stood in Bala Hissar castle of Kabul when it was destroyed by British artillery during the Second Anglo-Afghan war. The Armenian community in Kabul existed for some two centuries until 1890s, when it was expelled by Afghan ruler apparently on the urging of Sultan Abdul Hamid II. In 2010, an Armenian chapel was consecrated in Kunduz, Afghanistan to serve the Armenian military contingent there. Since then the chapel was moved after the Armenian unit redeployed to Mazar-e-Sharif and Kabul. (Source: Emil Sanamyan.)

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