Aerial Tramway

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The largest Aerial Tramway in the world connects Halidzor Village in Southern Armenia with Tatev Monastery, which lies across a dramatic gorge.

Alaverdi has a cable car that connects the bottom of the canyon, starting at the post office, to the plain at the top of the canyon, where the Sarahart neighborhood of Alaverdi lies, along with Sanahin Monastery and the Migoyan brothers museum.

Yerevan used to have a cable car service, connecting the top of Nalbandyan Street with the Nork-Marash neighborhood well above. After a fatal accident, it has been shuttered.

The town of Akhtala in northern Lori Marz had a cable car, which was shut down due to the closing of mining operations it was servicing.

Haghartsin Monastery had much of the structures for a cable car built during the Soviet era. Work stopped as the Soviet Union began to come apart.

Armenia Opens 'World's Longest' Aerial Tramway

VOA News 16 October 2010

Armenia has launched an aerial tramway line that it says is the world's longest.

President Serzh Sarkisian attended the opening of the tramway Saturday, in the country's southern mountains near Armenia's border with Iran.

The 5.7-kilometer engineering feat spans the Vorotan River gorge, linking a village off the main highway to the 9th century Tatev Monastery.

The monastery is one of the country's oldest and most prominent monasteries and is a major tourist attraction.