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ANC Australia Scholarship

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29 September, 2007

MEDIA RELEASE: For Immediate Release

{CONTACT: Haig Kayserian (Communications Officer) ~ 0403 317 903 ~}


SYDNEY: A delegation from the Armenian National Committee of Australia visited HASG College to introduce senior school students to the inaugural 'ANC Australia Scholarship' last week.

The scholarship was launched by ANC Australia in August 2007, to attract young Armenian-Australians into areas of study which are beneficial to the long-term future of the community and nation of origin. It will be available to three students who, in 2008, earn university degree entry in the fields of 'Political Science', 'Media' and 'History'.

Year 11 and 12 students at Ingleside's HASG College met with project coordinator, Mr. Stephen Abolakian and ANC Australia President, Mr. Varant Meguerditchian for a question and answer session.

"We were very pleased with the level of interest of the students, and believe they will now consider History, Political Science and Media as potential career paths following our visit," said Mr. Abolakian.

The successful candidates for each area of study, who will be announced in February 2008, will be selected by a qualified judging panel, including experts and practitioners in each field of study and respected members of the Armenian-Australian community, ANC Australia announced as they released an Online Application Form (available at ).

The applicants' results in 2007, his/her current role in the community and general character will all form part of the selection criteria, and each of the three winners of the Scholarship will be awarded $2000.

Further to the financial reward, each winner will be placed in a Work Experience environment for a selected period in an area relevant to their field of study, and each winner will also take part in a Work Experience program with an ANC Australia sub-committee relevant to their area of study.


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