2018 Armenian revolution

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The 2018 Armenian Revolution (most commonly known in Armenia as #MerzhirSerzhin (Armenian: ՄերժիրՍերժին), meaning "#RejectSerzh") was a series of anti-government protests in Armenia from April to May 2018 staged by various political and civil groups led by a member of the Armenian parliament — Nikol Pashinyan (head of the Civil Contract party). Protests and marches took place initially in response to Serzh Sargsyan's third consecutive term as the most powerful figure in the government of Armenia and later against the Republican Party-controlled government in general. Pashinyan declared it a Velvet Revolution (Թավշյա հեղափոխություն).[31]

On 22 April, Pashinyan was arrested and held in solitary confinement overnight, then released on 23 April, the same day that Sargsyan resigned, saying "I was wrong, while Nikol Pashinyan was right".[32][33] The event is referred to by some as a peaceful revolution akin to revolutions in other post-Soviet states.[34][35][36] By the evening of 25 April, the Republican Party’s coalition partner ARF-Dashnaktsutyun had withdrawn from the coalition.[10]

By 28 April, all of the opposition parties in Armenia's parliament had announced they would support Pashiniyan's candidacy.[37] A vote was scheduled in the National Assembly for 1 May; for Pashiniyan to be elected Prime Minister, which required 53 votes, he would have had to win the votes of at least six members of the Republican Party.[38] Pashinyan was the only candidate who was put forward for the vote.[39] However, the Republican Party unanimously voted against Pashinyan – 102 MPs were present, out of which 56 voted against his candidacy and 45 voted for it.[40][41] One week later, on 8 May, the second vote took place. Pashinyan was elected Prime Minister with 59 votes.[13][42]

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