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Request an account

You need to request an account in order to edit or add pages to Anyone willing to help is welcome to join. We need people who are simply willing to start going through all the pages of the site and bring better organization to the information, people who can add new information from books and articles, people who can rewrite and edit texts into cohesive articles and people who can translate from Armenian to English. Please, email armeniapedia ((at)) know if you are willing to help!

Help Editing

This site is running on the MediaWiki script. For help on how to edit pages and other information', you can visit the extensive MediaWiki User's Guide.

If you have a specific question for the administrator, just ask Raffi

How to Help

  • One of the biggest helps would be to help get this site linked to from other Armenian sites, as well as non-Armenian web link directories so that more people can find the site.
  • Pages needing editing to become "fair use". In otherwords they contain copyright material that should be rewritten to only use the factual/fair use portions, so that they are ok to use. See the list.

Eventually it would be nice to have an automated way of tracking which pages need:

  • Pages needing formatting work
  • Pages needing more content
  • Pages needing photos
  • Pages needing editing

Another big step that needs to be taken is to upgrade the script, and perhaps make some alterations. It would be great if certain articles which should have the same content as Wikipedia (for example, Duduk) could automatically be crosslinked to Wikipedia in order to automatically import the pages from there every so often, and to redirect those wanting to edit the page to wikipedia.

Please feel free to link to any Armeniapedia content or photo page. Please do not embed a photo - which is a bad practice and is considered bandwidth theft.

To add an Armeniapedia graphic to your link, here is some code you can add to your site:

<a href=""><img src="" border=0></A>

It will display the image on the top left corner of this window, and link it to Armeniapedia's main page. Thanks!

How to add an Armeniapedia search box to your site

example of an Armeniapedia search box

Paste the code below this paragraph into the code of your website or blog, and an searchbox will allow your visitors to search for anything related to Armenia. Search results come up in a new window, so you don't lose any visitors.

<table><tr><td><blockquote><form method='GET' target='armeniapedia' action=''> <a href=><img src= align=left alt="" border=0 width=50 height=50 ></a><font size=+1 face="Arial, Geneva">Search <a href='' target='armeniapedia'><font face="Arial, Geneva">Armeniapedia</font></a></font></a><br><B> <input name='search' size=12 > <input type='submit' value='Go!' style='font-size: 8pt'></td></tr></table>

Live examples

You can see an example of the search box in action on: