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Zaven Andriasian

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Zaven_Andriasian&chld=H_100&junk=junk.png Zaven Andriasian Mars symbol.svg
Name in Armenian Զավեն Անդրիասյան
Birth date 11 March 1989

Zaven Andriasian (sometimes transliterated as Andriasyan; Armenian: Զավեն Անդրիասյան; born March 11, 1989)[1] is an Armenian Grandmaster (2006) of chess. He won the 2005 European Youth Chess Championship for under 16[2] and the 2006 World Junior Chess Championship.[3] In November 2010 he won the Russian Cup Final after defeating Artyom Timofeev in the second game of the final.[4] In January 2012 he came second in the Armenian Chess960 Championship.[5] In December 2012 he tied for 1st-3rd with Alexander Kovchan and Sipke Ernst in the Groningen Chess Festival.[6]

Template:As of, his FIDE rating is 2598.


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