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Bundestag Vice President: It is necessary that Turkey recognizes the Armenian Genocide

09:32, 3 October, 2012

YEREVAN, OCTOBER 3, ARMENPRESS: Germany has been developing relations with Armenia for about 20 years. The relations are normal and non-problematic, which might be activated in all the platforms. More serious contribution by the Governments, Parliaments, more serious contribution in the field of economy and civilized society should be made. This is what we need to achieve the abovementioned goals.

It was stated at the exclusive interview given to Armenpress by the Vice President of the German Bundestag Wolfgang Thierse.

What impressions do you have completing your visit to Armenia?

This is my first visit to Armenia. It is a very beautiful and interesting country. We have had different meetings with the President of the Republic of Armenia, the Parliament and the Government officials, as well as the deputies of different political parties. This was a very informative visit. It is quite important that the political visits of the Armenian side to Germany become more active. Thus, the key issues and the situation of the country will become more comprehensible for us.

Mr. Thierse, does Germany intend to criminalize the denial of the Armenian Genocide, as France is trying to do?

The position of Germany is quite clear. We condemn all similar crimes. In case of Armenia we have adopted a special resolution to be presented. Condemnation of such crimes by Germany plays a significant role in our country. We implement the necessary actions to remember all the crimes of the 20th century. And these crimes begin with the massacres towards the Armenians.

Do not you think that Turkey should follow the action of Germany, recognizing the Holocaust and recognize its own guilt in implementation of the Genocide?

Certainly, I think that Turkey should do that, but we cannot control and order from abroad. This is a process demanding serious efforts. The self-critical knowledge should reach the Turkish society.

Germany has already recognized the independence of the South Sudan and Kosovo. Is there any similar intention concerning the Nagorno Karabakh independence?

No, there is not any intention in that direction, as the settlement of the Nagorno Karabakh conflict regulation issue between Armenia and Azerbaijan cannot be achieved in the far Berlin. Implementation of such actions by us would not be so smart. If we do such thing, we would have overestimated our power. Europe tries to settle the issue with the assistance of the OSCE Minsk Group. Maybe Germany could assist the efforts but I do not think that we play a considerable role in the process in that case.

The entire world, including different European structures, condemn the actions of Azerbaijan releasing and giving a national hero to the assassin Ramil Safarov. Do not you think that it is necessary to pass from condemnation to concrete punishment, for example, deprive Azerbaijan of the opportunity to participate in the negotiations around the European Union Association Agreement?

I do not think that Armenia is interested in worsening of the relations with Azerbaijan. I think, on the contrary, Armenia aims at establishing peace. The attitude towards Ramil Safarov is scandalous. Everybody is unanimous in that issue. We should take into account that it is the demonstration of weakness and not the strength of the Azerbaijani regime. And Armenia as well should understand that.

But do not you think that by implementing sanctions it will be possible to prevent the further similar actions by Azerbaijan?

I do not think that by adoption of this or that resolution we can prevent anybody from doing something if he wants it.

After the numerous visits in Armenia have you outlined any new programs of economic cooperation with Armenia?

In 2012 German-Armenian economic discussions will be held in Frankfurt. In their framework it will be clarified what possible investments should be made and what conditions should be created to make investments in Armenia, so that there would be a large inflow of German funds.

We should discuss which fields of the Armenian economy are more attractive for the further investments. But there is a big problem here; it is the small volumes of the Armenian market and the closed borders. The largest prerequisite in Armenia is the favorable climate for the investments.

The Vice President of the German Bundestag, who are in Armenia for the first time, visited the Museum Institute of the Armenian Genocide, got acquainted with the documents and documentaries proving the Armenian Genocide and made an inscription in the memorial book of the "Honorary guests", stating "We condemn the Genocide and demand to establish peace and protect human rights".

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