Vrezh Gasparyan

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Birth date 31 March 1962
Languages Armenian
Ethnicities Armenian
Dialects Eastern Armenian

Vrezh Gasparyan - Head of Office of State Legal Issues of the President’s Administration

Vrezh Gasparyan was born on March 31, 1962 in Yerevan.

In 1969-1979 he studied and graduated from Kirov school # 12 in Yerevan. After school he worked as a laboratory assistant in the Yerevan Branch of the Research Institute of Communication. In 1980-1982 he served in the special communication battalion of the Soviet Armed Forces in the Far Eastern military district of the Russian Federation. After demobilization he returned to his previous workplace and worked as a senior technician of the laboratory. In 1983-1985 he worked as a 4th grade linear worker in the 37th special mechanized department of “Yerevanshin” Union. In 1985-1990 he studied and graduated from the faculty of law of Yerevan State University and was appointed to the Ministry of Justice as a young specialist. In 1990-1996 he worked in the legislative department of RA Ministry of Justice as an advisor of the first category then as a leading advisor and the chief advisor. In 1995-1996 he worked simultaneously in the Finance Ministry of RA as the chief legal advisor. Since April 10, 1996 he worked in the President’s administration as the head of legal department. On August 8, 1998 he was assigned Head of Office of State Legal Issues of the President’s Administration.

Mr. Vrezh Gasparyan holds the title of state advisor of justice of the second grade.