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Government Loses Another European Court Case

Irina Hovhannisyan

Հրապարակված է՝ 17.07.2012 The European Court of Human Rights has ordered the Armenian government to pay 2,500 euros ($3,000) in compensatory damages to a prominent lawyer more than six years after he was arrested on highly controversial charges.

The human rights lawyer, Vahe Grigorian, on Tuesday described the ruling as a “slap in the face of Armenia’s law-enforcement system” and said he will now step up his efforts to be formally cleared of wrongdoing.

Grigorian was arrested in October 2005, charged with fraud and forgery and kept in pre-trial detention for almost five months after helping several families in Yerevan to file lawsuits with the European Court. The clients of his Right law firm were among hundreds of families evicted from their old houses as part of a massive redevelopment in the city center.

Many of them staged protests, saying that financial compensation offered to them was set well below the market value of their properties because of government corruption. The authorities denied the accusations and insisted that most displaced families are satisfied with the sums paid by the state. The redevelopment overseen by then President Robert Kocharian went ahead even after it was effectively declared illegal by Armenia’s Constitutional Court in 2006.

Grigorian has insisted, both then and now, that his arrest was government retribution for his cooperation with some of the evicted people. Armenia’s National Security Service (NSS), which brought the fraud charges, has denied that. The NSS freed the lawyer in February 2006 but has still not closed the criminal case on the grounds that two individuals who had testified against the lawyer fled the country and remain on the run.

In its verdict announced late last week, the Strasbourg court ruled that this legal limbo constitutes a violation of Grigorian’s right to fair trial guaranteed by the European Convention on Human Rights. It said he must therefore be compensated for the excessive delay.

“This is a good way to keep undesirable people under constant pressure,” Grigorian told RFE/RL’s Armenian service (, referring to the NSS’s stance. The lawyer, who has also represented dozens of Armenian opposition members prosecuted since 2008, said he will now petition law-enforcement authorities to send the case to court or drop it altogether.

Grigorian said earlier that at least 20 Yerevan families have taken the government to the European Court after exhausting all possibilities of legal action in Armenia. The court has ordered the government to compensate at least three of them.

Human Rights Lawyer Arrested After Challenging Government

By Anna Saghabalian

A human rights lawyer who has helped Yerevan residents facing eviction from their homes to sue the Armenian government has been arrested on fraud charges which he believes were fabricated in response to his activities, it emerged on Wednesday.

Close associates and clients of Vahe Grigorian, head of a Yerevan-based law firm called Right, said he was detained by officers of Armenia's National Security Service (NSS) and promptly remanded in pre-trial custody by a court on Tuesday.

The NSS opened a criminal case against Grigorian last May shortly after raiding Right's offices and confiscating some of its documents. The Armenian successor to the Soviet-era KGB alleges that the lawyer cheated a client, a charge he strongly denies.

Speaking at a news conference in June, Grigorian claimed that the criminal proceedings were brought in retaliation for his legal assistance to residents of old neighborhoods in central Yerevan that are subject to demolition as part of its massive government-sanctioned redevelopment. Many of those residents complain that financial compensation offered to them by the state is extremely low because of high-level government corruption.

Some of them have taken legal action against the Yerevan municipality, but virtually all of those lawsuits were deemed unsubstantiated by local courts. Grigorian and his firm have helped several such families take their case to the European Court of Human Rights. in Strasbourg.

Minas Safian is a member of one of those families. He and other remaining residents of Buzand Street in downtown Yerevan expressed their solidarity with the arrested lawyer at an improvised open-air news conference. `With Vahe's arrest we lost our only source of hope,' Safian told RFE/RL.

`He is one of the few lawyers who has protected our interests,' said another resident.

According to Artur Grigorian, one of Vahe Grigorian's defense counsels, the NSS, which is supposed to investigate only grave crimes, has failed to substantiate its charges. But the feared security agency has previously denied any wrongdoing.

The Yerevan municipality, for its part, insists that the Buzand Street protesters represents only a small minority of hundreds of dislocated families which it says have been properly compensated. However, the integrity of the process has been seriously questioned by Armenia's state human rights defender, Larisa Alaverdian. Incidentally, Alaverdian earlier condemned the NSS actions against Right. Her office has closely cooperated with the law firm.

(Photolur photo: A barricade built by Buzand Street residents in a deseperate attempt to stop the ongoing house demolitions.)


A1+ | 20:35:10 | 31-10-2005 | Politics |

The trial of the head of the "Right Legislative Group" LTD Vahe Grigoryan started on October 25 and lasted three days. The Criminal and Military Court of Appeal did not change the precautionary measure against him. Today his advocates rendered a press conference. They were very careful in giving information in order not to impede the process of the preliminary investigation.

Let us remind you that Vahe Grigoryan is charged with fraud and forgery of documents. Imprisonment was chosen as a precautionary measure against him.

He was the advocate of four families living in Buzand street.

Today the advocates also represented the announcement of Alexander Hakobyan, the "victim" of Vahe Grigoryan, and copies of documents from the State of California, in which Alexander Hakobyan considers Vahe Grigoryan an honest and trustful man and finds that the charge is false. "When we represented this to the Judge, he said the documents are false. If the documents are false, the RA Prosecutor's office must bring a charge against the Governor of California", says Tigran Atanesyan, advocate of Vahe Grigoryan.

By the way, during the press conference the letter of the witness to the RA Prosecutor, the Ombudsman and the US Ambassador to Armenia was represented.

The witness confessed that he gave the evidence under the threats to his relatives and being dictated by Inspector Nikoghosyan.

The advocates of Vahe Grigoryan said they will fight till the end; and they consider Vahe Grigoryan a political prisoner.

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