Ejmiatsin Town

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Ejmiatsin (Arm: Էջմիածին), Armavir Marz

Ejmiatsin Cathedral

The Town of Ejmiatsin, now officially known as Vagharshapat is primarily known as the site of the Ejmiatsin Cathedral Compound, which is the headquarter of the Armenian Church.

In addition to the compound, there are the churches of Hripsime, Gayane and Shoghakat.

The town is also known for it's kyufta, a traditional Eastern Armenian dish, and even has a "Kyufta Street", with a number of kyufta specialists.

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<googlemap version="0.9" lat="40.166216" lon="44.29224" zoom="14"> 40.167019, 44.309599, Hripsime Cathedral Hripsime fromentrance-dcp2075.jpg 40.161608, 44.290695, Echmiadzin Cathedral Compound Ejmiatsin general-dcp2124.jpg 40.157496, 44.291913, Gayane Church Gayane entry-dcp2159.jpg </googlemap>