Vagharshak Sevulyan

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   Embassy Magazine, Canada
   Jan 11 2006
   Living Proof of Massacre 
   (Re: "A Question of Genocide in Turkey" Embassy Dec. 21, 2005). I am
   quoting from a paragraph towards the end: "and Armenians living in
   Istanbul and other Turkish cities far from the war zone were left
   undisturbed." My grandfather and grandmother were massacred in
   Adapazari, that is maybe 100 miles away from Istanbul. Besides my
   grandfather and grandmother, 46,000 (near Istanbul?) Armenian souls lost their lives
   under the Committee of Union and Progress (CUP) -- Ittihad ve
   Terraqqi Jemiyyeti -- whose members were Enver Pasha,Talat Pasha,
   Chemal Pasha and others who were found guilty by an Ottoman-Turkish
   court in their absence. Gwynne Dyer should have investigated this
   further before writing the above. Entire Armenian populations were
   massacred and the UN was the first to term it as a genocide of
   Ottoman-Turks against Armenian old people, children and women. And I
   am one of the grandsons of this terrible human tragedy by
   My best regards 
   Vagharshak Sevulyan