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Dear Raffi Kojian, Congrat for your very informative web site!!! May I "suggest" that you dedicate a section for Politics as well...since you mention everything /subjects...i.e, than Politics.Please consider this. Meanwhile also, if you wish to add to your links, I have a modest web site of mine, dealing mainly with Armneniadiaspora affairs and my main ISSUE... that of getting the Diaspora re-organized.All this is discussed. www.ARMENIDAD-WORLDWIDE.ORG Happy landing!!! best wishes for a much more successfull year to you, Hamahaigagani SIRO, gaytzag palandjian

Adding material

Hi Gayzag, This is a wiki, you can add your name to the list of Armenian Individuals and then you can put up information about yourself. Please go to the Sandbox and experiment with how to add things and then go ahead and add a page about yourself, and put a link from there to your website! Good luck... --Raffi 13:57, 16 Jan 2006 (PST)