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Sahak, please don't add a slash at the end of a web page address, it is not necessary for a link to work. Thanks, --Raffi 09:41, 29 May 2008 (PDT)

Mshtakan fonts in Macintosh System X


I see that you deleted my comment about the automatic kerning in Mshtakan. Actually, I was not sure of whether to write it or not. Looking back, I think you did the right thing deleting it, because probably most people will not understand what it is, and won't care, either. It was just adding clutter to the text. This way the text looks much cleaner.

I don't know what keyboard definition program you use, but I like KDWIN. I am familiar also with the Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator. However, I find KDWIN much easier to use and to customize.

Thanks for cleaning up my mess.