The History of the Armenian Genocide

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The History of the Armenian Genocide
Book-cover-the history of the armenian genocide-dadrian.jpg
Author Vahakn Dadrian
Publication Year 1995
ISBN ISBN 978-1571810168
Publisher Berghahn Books
Short Description Ethnic Conflict from the Balkans to Anatolia to the Caucasus
Format Hardbound
No. of Pages 509
Language English
Category Genocide, Education & Reference

Dadrians study is a highly detailed yet accessible account of the attempt of the Ottoman Turkish state to deal effectively with its Armenian question, under both the Abul Hamit and the later young Turk Ittihadist regime, through the mass murder of this nationality group. The book is richly documented by an abundance of primary source materials. Particularly telling are commentaries by representatives of foreign governments during the period under consideration that attest to these killings and the reasons behind them. Dadrians main conclusion is that these series of massacres, cumulating in the 1915 genocide were a resolution of the Turko-Armenian conflict based on a sense of impunity on the part of the respective Turkish regimes. The policy was a direct result of the absence of effective deterrence form the European powers that had repeatedly pressured the Ottoman government to protect its Armenian minority. Dadrian makes a compelling argument for German complicity in the genocide. He also documents the failed attempts at limitations of international law in this regard. Recommended for students. -- CHOICE

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