The Armenoids

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Anchored in the international musical technique, the melodic sound of The Armenoids project bears the formula of global tunes which are based on the popular musical movements. The compositions of the project are intended for a large cross section of people, regardless of national belonging. The performances of The Armenoids are more suitable for spacious venues: stadiums, squares, concert halls, etc. The shows of the project attest to the fact that these events bring together people of different races and mindset who, while hearing their national music, also get acquainted with the songs of other ethnic groups. The Armenoids firmly believes that people, irrespective of national belonging, can discover a common source of interest, pleasure, and vision. And this comes to prove that conflicts and wars are not really amongst ordinary people but, instead, they are the consequence of erroneous political agendas. The Armenoids is a project that represents the union between the musical variety of different nationalities and the Armenian art of song. The objective of the project is to present, to Armenians and others alike, the diverse mentality of the countries possessing new musical techniques and how beautifully they can blend, thus creating a single compositional collage but yet maintaining an individual style. The Armenoids makes use of the popular musical movements dating from the 1980s to present-day. This includes Freestyle music also known as Latin Hip-Hop,Miami Bass, the Breakdance craze, and numerous branches of the European Trance music. Subsequently, Hip-Hop as well as the characteristic Armenian and Middle Eastern tunes are incorporated into all this. Following the common rendition of these movements, and their synthesis with national melodies, The Armenoids describes this musical style as Progressive Folk. Originating from the musical techniques that affect a considerable portion of the public, the sound of The Armenoids project is also for all age groups.