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Why do you copy Azeri propaganda even here?

Please take a look at this version of the article from Wikipedia:

Nagorno Karabakh Republic

or Nagorno Karabakh

The brief history of Artsakh is here: Artsakh

There are a lot of related information (including maps, etc.) on the talk pages, for example:

Nagorni Karabakh, Historical Note, Congressional Research Service, The Library of Congress, Washington D.C.

-By the first half of the 6th Century B.C., Artsakh (called Nagorno-Karabagh today in Soviet literature), as well as Utik and Syunik, were part of the Armenian Kingdom of Ervandids.

-A town in Nagorno-Karabagh called Dikranakert bears witness that this area was part of the Armenian Kingdom of Dikran (circa 95 B.C.).

-Orkhistena or Artsakh was called a province of Armenia by Strabo, 1st Century B.C.

-After the division of Armenia between the Byzantines and Persians in 387, Artsakh was part of the Armenian kingdom until 428. After that it was put under Aghvan (Alvan) jurisdiction by the Persians.

-By the end of the 5th century Artsakh and Utik became part of the Armenian principality of Aranshakhik, two centuries later it became part of the Mikhranides dynasty.

-During the Middle Ages, this area was ruled by Armenians barons, and by the 17th and 18th Centuries this area gave raise to Armenian notables such as Davit Beg and Israel Ori, etc.

-A former Persian province, Karabagh became part of Russia in 1813.

-Only since the 18th century did non-Armenians began to settle near Artsakh from Central Asia, Anatolia and Kurdistan.

-In 1797, in the decree of Paul I, the number of Armenian families in Karabagh was 11,000 (upwards of 75,000 Armenians).

-In 1900, the Moslem population was no more than 5% of Karabagh's population.

-In 1914, there were 222 Armenian churches, 188 priests, 206,768 Armenians and 224 Armenian villages (note: approx. 1 church/village).

-August 1918, the Karabagh Armenians form a People's Assembly and reject the demand that Turkish troops be allowed to enter the regional capital, Shushi. After Turkish armies took Baku, with Nuri Pasha's "Islamic Army" comprised of Azeris, 5,000 Turkish troops occupied Shushi.

-In August 1919 Karabagh Armenians decided to temporarily be under Azeri protection until the outcome of the Paris Peace Conference, as urged by the British commanders in the Caucasus.

-December of 1920 Nakhitchevan, Zangezur, and Karabagh become part of the Soviet Armenian Republic.

-Mid 1923, Nagorno-Karabagh is given to Azerbaijan, later Nakhitchevan is detached from the other side of Armenia and put under Azeri jurisdiction.

-Armenian population in Nagorno-Karabagh as well over 90% circa 1923.

-Ever since 1923, Armenians have petitioned Moscow, to demanding self-determination in Nagorno-Karabagh.

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