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Can you add the following two books to this section:

The Case of Misak Torlakian Historical Novel and Trial Transcript, (Pub. Nov. 2006) Vartkes Yeghiayan and Ara Arabyan, Paperback 290pgs. Published by Center for Armenian Remembrance (CAR) ISBN 0977715302 Order at (818) 281-9992.

The Case of Soghomon Tehlirian 2nd Edition, Historical Novel and Trial Transcript, (Pub. Jan 2007) Vartkes Yeghiayan , Paperback. Published by Center for Armenian Remembrance (CAR) ISBN 0977715310 Order at (818) 281-9992.

where is Forgotten Fire by adam Bagdasarian? it is one of the most influential and well written books on the armenian genocide. It puts you in the position of the character, Vahan Kenderian. This book should be in the list of books on the Armenian Genocide!!! I am only 13 but it definetly helped me know more about the genocide and feel as if i was part of it.

Sincerely, Talar Malakian

== More Books:

David Kherdian's Road from Home is also a great book to include: how about Zabel, Black Dog of Fate and Rise the Euphraties. That is of course if you want to stay awake while reading about the subject of Genocide. The books on the current list are great if you are studying for your PHD in the Armenian Genocide: )

Thanks for letting us share, and happy reading.


There is also a rare book titled "Our Troubles in Asia", a story of Persecution, dated 1897 published in Binghamton, N.Y. Written by Sarkis Devirian. This book documents Sarkis's life and times.

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