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Armenian Community

Relations with Armenia

Genocide Recognition

Sweden's parliament recognized the Armenian Genocide in March, 2010. See Recognition of Armenian Genocide by Sweden.

Genocide Commemorations


Noyan Tapan Armenians Today Apr 25 2006

UPPSALA, APRIL 25, NOYAN TAPAN - ARMENIANS TODAY. On the initiative of the Armenian Unions Uniting Centre and the Armenian Cultural Union of Uppsala and of the church councils, cooperating with "Hayastan" (Armenia) All-Armenian Fund, Armenian unions and organizations, the central event dedicated to memory of the Armenian Genocide victims was held in Sweden this year on April 22 in Uppsala. Hundreds of sons of Armenians and representatives of other nations paid tribute of their respect to the memory of the Armenian Genocide victims. People came by buses from far cities to participate in the memory-evening. Vachik Karapetian, the Chairman of the Uppsala Church Council opened the program. After standing in one minute honour of silence, Armenian and Swedish participants of the event, representatives of political, public organizations listened to Klas-Joran Karlson, the History Department Professor of "Lyund" University, author of the books "From Ararat to Nagorno Karabakh" and "History of Genocides" who touching upon in his lecture the Armenian people's history of the last century, under the light of international political events, explained the phenomenon of the genocide as well as the process of the international recognition of the genocide, mentioning the necessity and importance of liquidating consequences of the genocide. Ulla Hoffman, a member of the Swedish Parliament, a representative of the Left Party who has visited Armenia many times and contacted and became to know the Armenian people closer, stressed in her speech the necessity of Sweden's and other European countries' assisting Armenia at any price. Strictly condemning Turkey's denying policy, she emphasized that it would not be possible to speak about development of Armenian-Turkish real ties and their reconciliation, without Turkey's recognition of the Genocide and revewing its history. Then Helena Linder, a representative of the Greens' Party, a member of the Uppsala City Council and a candidate for the Riksdag deputy made a speech. According to her, the Swedish society must know about the Armenian Genocide as much as it knows about the Holocaust. Michael Oskarson, a Rikstag deputy from the Christian-Democratic party, paying tribute of his respect to the memory of millions of martyrs, emphasized that Turkey has still a long way to pass for making a part of the European family. As Noyan Tapan was informed by the Armenians Unions Uniting Center of Sweden, the Uppsala Armenian Cultural Union's "Gayane" dancing group headed by Armine Zakinian, soloist Arpine Zakinian, to the piano accompaniment of Lilit Sukiasian, duduk player Haik Hakobian, reciters Nune Haroutiunian, Ani Galstian and others participated in the artistic part of the event. The event finished with the hymn of the Republic of Armenia.

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Armenian Genocide Monument

Monument Dedicated To Armenian Genocide Opens In Sweden (PHOTO)

21:09, 29.05.2015 Region:World News, Armenia Theme: Politics, Culture

The grand opening of a monument dedicated to the memory of the Armenian Genocide victims took place on Friday in Orebro, Sweden. It is the first monument of its kind in Sweden opened by the city authorities on the proposal of the Armenian Genocide Centennial Event Coordination Intercommunity Committee of Orebro. The words 'We will never forget' are carved on the monument in Armenian, Aramaic, Greek and Swedish.

The event was attended by the representatives of state and city authorities, diplomats, journalists, as well as Armenian and Assyrian community members.

Mor Ignatius Aphrem II, leader of Syriac Orthodox Church in Sweden, Armenian Ambassador to Sweden Artak Apitonian, Governor of Orebro County Maria Larsson and City Council President Agneta Blom delivered speeches during the event.

In his speech, Ambassador Apitonian referred to the significance of the opening of such monuments, symbolizing the eternal memory of the innocent victims. He also expressed confidence that it will not only become a sanctuary for the local Armenian, Assyrian and Greek communities, but will also turn into a center of unity and mutual trust for Orebro's people.

The Ambassador also expressed hope that the acknowledgement process which has taken its start in the Turkish society will grow stronger, and in near future Turkey's representative will make a speech during the commemoration event of the first genocide of the 20th century.


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