Srbouhi Hairapetian

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Srbouhi Hairapetian (Sophia Hairapetian) was born in 1938 in Yerevan, Armenia and moved to the United States in 1977. She is the author of Armenian history books and translator of popular and spiritual books from the English into the Armenian language. Her works include A History of Armenian Literature: From Ancient Times to the Nineteenth Century; S. P. Hayrapetean, Srbouhi Hairapetian; Hardcover; ISBN 0882060597 (1996) as well as translating several titles in Vassula Ryden's "True Life in God" series.

A former college professor, Ms. Hairapetian is also know for her generous donations and help in rebuilding Armenia. She is the sister of engineer and real estate developer, Haiko Hairapetian. She lives in Bel-Air, California with her husband, Donald Acton.

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