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Birth name Sirvard Barunaki Kaputikyan
Name in Armenian Սիլվա Կապուտիկյան
Birthplace Yerevan
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Birth date 20 January 1919
Lived in Yerevan
Resides in Yerevan
Death place Yerevan
Death date 2006/08/25
Death year 2006
Profession Poet
Languages Armenian, Russian
Ethnicities Armenian
Dialects Eastern Armenian
Ancestral villages Van
Awards Renowned Master of Arts

Silva Kaputikyan, (Սիլվա Կապուտիկյան) born January 20, 1919, died August 25, 2006.

Armenian poetess, orator, academician

Silva Kaputikian was born in Yerevan. She graduated from the YSU's Philological Department and then from Moscow's Gorki Literature Institute. She was also an Academician of RA National Academy of Science and member of the Union of Writers of Armenia. She served as a deputy of the Supreme Council of the Armenian SSR in 1975-1980.

The first collection of her poems was published in 1944/1945?. In all, she published 60 collections in Armenian, Russian and other languages.

Silva Kaputikian won of a number of literary awards. In 1998 Cambridge International Geographic Institute awarded her the title of "Woman of the Year". She was also rewarded with the Nosside International Prize in Rome in 1989.

By RA Prime Minister Andranik Margarian's decree, a governmental commission headed by the RA Prime Minister was created on the occasion of the poetess' death. S.Kaputikian's burial procession will take place in the pantheon of Yerevan's Komitas park.

President Kocharian

Kocharian awarded Silva the Surb Mesrop Mashtots order - one of the highest honors a president can award. As a protest against violence committed upon peaceful participants of the opposition mass meeting on the Baghramian avenue of Yerevan, in April, 2004, the famous poetess returned the medal rewarded to her by the RA President.

RA President Robert Kocharian sent a message of condolence on the occasion of famous poetess Silva Kaputikian's death.

"I learned with great pain about famous poetess Silva Kaputikian's death. Silva Kaputikian is one of the most prominent representatives of the Armenian newest literature. Her fiction and publicizing works have accompanied for dozens of years both Armenian and foreign readers.
She enjoyed great popularity both in Fatherland and in Diaspora as an intellectual, anxious with her country's and people's fate. Silva Kaputikian's death is a great loss in our literary and public life. I express my sincere sympathy to the poetess' relatives and thousands of admirers of her art."

Other Condolences

RA Prime Minister Andranik Margarian sent a telegram of condolence on the occasion of the prominent poetess' death, in which, on behalf of the RA Government and himself, the Prime Minister expresses deep symthaphy to her relatives, friends and all admirers of her poetry.

NKR President Arkady Ghukasyan and Chairman of the National Assembly Ashot Gulyan sent telegrams of condolence on the occasion of famous poetess Silva Kaputikyan's death. Expressing compassion on behalf of NKR people and authorities to family and friends of the poetess, NKR leaders stress, in particular that the remembrance of the greatest friend of the Artsakhi people will stay in the memory of the coming generations forever. "The generations will not forget her invaluable contribution to the maintenance and development of national values," Arkadi Ghukasyan notes in his telegram.

Azeri Report

Azeri Press Agency, Azerbaijan
Aug. 25, 2006

Silva Kaputikyan, key ideologist of Armenian aggression against Azerbaijan died

[ 25 Aug. 2006 16:50 ]

One of the ideologists of Armenia's occupation of Azerbaijani lands, Nagorno Garabagh conflict Silva Kaputikyan died of stroke at the age of 87 today, APA reports.

Armenian government ordered to set up a special commission for his funeral. Prime Minister Andranik Markaryan has been appointed chief of the commission.

Silva Kaputikyan was born in Van city, Turkey in 1919. After the Kars agreement between Turkey and Russia Kaputikyan's family moved to Armenia, which was established in ancient Turk lands.

Beginning from early 80s, Silva wrote works on poor Armenian people propagating the so-called "Great Armenia" and "Armenian genocide". He was key ideologist of Armenian aggression against Azerbaijani territories

But in fact, Silva caused troubles to Armenians by such propagations./APA/

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