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Sevag Vrej is not a photographer, not by training at least. He is a filmmaker who loves nothing more than to take advantage of the global destinations of his film projects, to capture images that resonate with him, his passions, his heritage, his art, his person.

He is equally attracted to the imagery of the crazed inner-cities of Latin America and the serene hillside villages of the Caucasus. He is inspired by geographies and stories diverse with culture and rich with color. He welcomes the constant and innate influx of his flavorful Armenian-American history and his modern family’s strong ties to the old-world. He has applied his no holds barred approach to filmmaking to acclaimed short form documentaries, music videos, commercials, promotionals, animation, and feature films. He has delved into artistic direction, branding and imaging for a myriad of clients, bringing novel concepts to fruition on multiple platforms, using cutting edge technologies. Sevag Vrej completed his formal education at Art Center College of Design and received a BFA in TV/Film Directing. One year after graduating, he directed his first feature film N4. Currently, he runs his production company Pomegranate Pictures in Los Angeles, California.

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