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Sergey Danielyan

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Sergey Danielyan

also known as "Seryozha", also known as "Yozh"(Hedgehog)- was born on 8-th November,1964, in Yerevan.

Profession - Actor.


"A a Beginning"Italic text

A Sevada Film (USA)

Cinematographer: Mkrtich Baroyan

Starring: Sergei Danyelian

(2005) The story of a theatre director who is also the artistic director of a pantomime company. In his past life his wife has died, yet in his present life his wife simply leaves him because he is too obsessed with his work.

At present, Sergei Danyelian is a member of the Yerevan State Chamber Theatre, and takes part in the company productions and at the same time performs his own personal creations.

"The Lighthouse"Italic text

A film by Maria Sahagian

Production: Andreievski Flagm Moscou Screenplay: Givi Shavgoulidze Lighting cameraman: Maxim Drozdov

With: Ania Kapaleva Sofico Chiaoureli Sos Sarkissian Sergei Danyelian And others…..

The film tells the story of a young Russian girl, who after the collapse of the Soviet Union, returns to her birthplace in the Caucasus into the midst of a war.

"Death of a Clown"Italic text

In 1999 Yozh directed his first feature film “Death of a Clown” (cameramen A.Harutunyan, A.Markaryan, A.Nerkararyan), dedicated to Leonid Yengibarov. Main role was performed by Hayk Michaelyan,(and the Non-Film artist’s group) the cast included major part of Yerevan theatrical folk.

"Black end White Rainbow"Italic text

The event takes place during a day in which all the epochs are concentrated The hero of the film Vasil the devil becomes visible only when somebody sticks a needle in to his forehead According to Vasil only when the Armenian king Abgar wrote a letter to Son of God and invited him to Armenia he started being visible And so admitting God we put the devil on our shoulders in the form of the responsibility and ever last temptation.

Lovember Italic text

- a new feature film written and directed by Tigran Xmalian. It is a dramatic love story of an odd young couple, a street musician and a nurse, who try to give a birth to a new God, just like 2000 years ago some carpenter and his wife made it happened. According to their plan, she has to get pregnant of every man they met during one month in 2004 AD, in Yerevan, Armenia. The main roles are played by Sergey Danielyan and Lilit Stepanyan. Director of photography - Samuel Amirkhanyan. Music by J.S.Bach, S.Prokofiev, A.Tuncboyacyan, Armenian traditional songs. Film is made on black and white ORWO, 35mm, the length is 100 minutes, no dialogues.

About the Actor:

In 1988-1996 worked in the first private theater of Yerevan - "Goyak"(managed by A.Mazmanyan) where he started as a stage worker and finished as an actor. Among his roles in that theater were Botar and the Grocery Owner in Ionesco's "Rhinoceroses"(directed by. A.Sahakian), the Fool in Michel de Gilderode's "School of the Fools" (directed by A. Abrahamian), the Clown in William Saroyan's "Opera, Opera" (directed by S. Stepanyan), and the Premier in Pirandello's "Six Protagonists In Search Of the Author" (directed by A. Mazmanyan). The last play was shown in 1989 in Moscow and in Belgrad and Sarayevo, then still Yugoslavian. In Sarayevo Yozh has marked the territory in a classical way, standing on the bridge of Franz-Ferdinand, later ruined during the war.

In 1992 Yozh has produced his own first play "Zspashapik" (Straight-Jacket). Dispute this he was invited to the Yerevan Russian Theater to perform the main role in Grigory Gorin's play "May Plague Get You Both" (directed by A.Grigoryan). For this role Yozh was awarded as a "Best Actor of the Year" by Armenian Theater Fund.

That same year in that same same theater he pleased many actresses, performing Don Giovanni in Moliers's famous play, directed by Yu.Urnov.

In 1995 he passed all limits, performing at the same Russian Theater "Drang Nach West" by Arbatova and "Delirium of Two" by Ionesco, this time as a director himself.

In 1997 he pleased the male part of audience, performing Pamela in "Orchestra" by Jean Anuy, in Yerevan Experimental Theater "Pit" (directed by Z.Shekhyan).

Along with this role, he played that year Don Qixote the 3rd in the play "Rossinant" directed by Kh.Chalikyan at the "Window" theater.

In 1998 - role of Borkin in Chekhov's "Uncle Vanya" (directed by Kh.Chalikyan).

In 1998 - role of psychotic Jean in the film "Komitas" by Kh.Chalikyan.

The cold winters and cold theaters in post-Soviet, postwar, blockaded Yerevan made Yozh the Hedgehog to give up the usual winter hibernate and to start TV activity. In 1996 Yozh became one of the founders of private "AR" TV channel where he created several popular projects like "Non-film" serial and the scandalous night program, closed after thirteen issues because of hypocrisy of some part of audience and the cowardice of administration. To mark the end of his TV career, Yozh drank a whole bottle of vodka and broke it in the live air. Reportedly, many spectators, particularly young women were calling months after that to the AR TV Channel, demanding his return. These calls were especially intensive at the full-moon nights.

Yozh is an author, director and the main performer of eleven mute short films in the "gag"-style, made together with M.Vatinyan, A.Manoukyan, A.Abrahamyan, T.Markaryan, V.Saroyan. They will always remain in his heart, while some of them in other parts of his body as well.

In 1999 Yozh directed his first feature film "Death of a Clown" (cameramen A.Harutunyan, A.Markaryan, A.Nerkararyan), dedicated to Leonid Yengibarov. Main role was performed by A.Mikaelyan, the cast included major part of Yerevan theatrical folk.

At the same 1999, together with co-author and comrade-in-drink Michael Vatinyan, Yozh has established his own theater called "IO". 

On the eve of Millennium the first mono-performance of the theater with similar name "IO" has been shown.

In the year 2000, the comrades stopped drinking and performed their second play, called "Iozart"

In the year 2001, due to celebration of 1700th anniversary of adoption of Christianity by Armenians, they were forced to drink so much that they failed to perform something new.

In 2002 they returned to the high art and completed the trilogy of "IO-logy" by the third play, called "Suitcase".

These performances were shown in 1999 in Moscow, St.Petersburg, Odessa, Yerevan and in Mountainous Karabagh.