Sergey Lavrov

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Name in Armenian Սերգեյ Լավրով
Birthplace Moscow
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Education Moscow State Institute of International Relations
Profession Politics
Positions Foreign Minister of Russia
Languages Russian, English, French, Sinhala, Dhivehi
Ethnicities Armenian, Russian
Spouses Maria Lavrova
Children Ekaterina

Sergei Lavrov Russia’s foreign minister since 2004, Lavrov was previously Russia’s ambassador to the United Nations for a decade. The 65-year-old was born in Moscow to an Armenian father and a Russian mother and has been quoted as saying: “I have Armenian blood in my veins.”

Facts about "Sergey Lavrov"
Birthplace coordinates55° 45' 21", 37° 37' 2"Latitude: 55.755826
Longitude: 37.6173
Birthplace nameMoscow +
ChildrenEkaterina +
EducationMoscow State Institute of International Relations +
EthnicitiesArmenian + and Russian +
LanguagesRussian +, English +, French +, Sinhala + and Dhivehi +
Name in ArmenianՍերգեյ Լավրով +
Person nameSergey Lavrov +
PositionsForeign Minister of Russia +
ProfessionPolitics +
SpousesMaria Lavrova +