Sam Chickegian

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Sam Chickegian was only 15-year-old when ran away from home to enlist with the Canadian Expeditionary Force overseas.

Sam was a son of Mr. and Mrs. John Chickegian, an Armenian couple who had come to Canada from their homeland in 1907. They moved to Alfred Street, Brantford from St. Catharines.

Chickegian was in France when it was learned that he was just 15 and he was given the opportunity to return home.

In a letter to his parents Sam told them he was in the best of health.

"The officer called me up and asked me about the letter you wrote him. He asked me if I wanted to go back, but I said 'No.' I know you must be worried mother, but there is no use trying to get me to quit when I've come so far. I am going to do my share."

Private Sam Chickegian was the youngest Brantford man to die fighting for Canada in the First World War.

His war experience is just one of many fascinating stories of the First World War that either originated in Brantford or was somehow connected to the city.


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