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The Arakelian Family led by Ron Arakelian Jr. has sponsored the renovation of the Getapi village school in the Shirak region of Armenia, reported.

The major renovation was done in memory of Jack Arakelian who was born in the village of Getapi on March 3, 1913 and later imigrated to the United States. The renovation was completed through the guidance and the management of the Armenian Educational Foundation.

The Arakelians donated $75,000 to underwrite the renovation as part of the AEF's 60th Anniversary celebration which took place in November 2010. Jack Arakelian was a long-time member of the AEF, serving as President from 1968 to 1979.

The village of Getapi (originally named Ghasmal) lies in the foothills of the Aragats mountain range. Getapi was founded in 1827-1828 by immigrants from Kars, Alashkert, Manazkert and Moush forming 40 households.

In the mid 20th century its population reached 1100 and the current count is 830. Getapi is 18.6 miles from Gyumri and 62.2 miles from Yerevan.

The Getapi school building was originally built in 1950 and in 1994 it became a high school producing its first graduates in 1996. The school currently has 95 students, yet in the past that number reached 160. It has 21 teachers and 5 staff members.

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