Robert W. Thomson

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Retired Calouste Gulbenkian Professor of Armenian Studies at Oxford University.

Faculty / College Address

Oriental Institute / Pembroke College


robert.thomson @

Research interests

  • Eastern Christian Studies: Armenian Georgian, Syriac, with emphasis on classical Armenian literature

Current Projects

  • Editing (with translations and commentaries) various Armenian texts of historical or theological importance

Courses Taught

  • Classical Armenian at all levels
  • Elementary and intermediate classical Georgian

Recent publications

  • Studies in Armenian literature and Christianity, Variorum 1994
  • A bibliography of classical Armenian literature to 1500 AD, Turnhout 1995
  • Rewriting Caucasian history: the medieval Armenian adaptation of the Georgian Chronicles, OUP 1996
  • (ed.) From Byzantium to Iran: Armenian studies in honour of Nina G. Garsoian 1997
  • with J. Howard-Johnston, The Armenian history attributed to Sebeos 1999
  • The Lawcode of Mxit'ar Gosh (Dutch Studies in Armenian Language and Literature, 6), Amsterdam 2000
  • A Homily on the Passion of Christ attributed to Elishe (Eastern Christian Texts in Translation, 5), Leuven 2000
  • The Armenian Adaptation of the Ecclesiastical History of Socrates Scholasticus (Hebrew University Armenian Studies, 5), Leuven 2001
  • Hamam: Commentary on the Book of Proverbs (Hebrew University Armenian Studies, 5), Leuven 2005